McCall & McCall Attorneys at Law PLLC

Established in 1961. 3rd Generation local Trial Lawyer

Practice devoted to handling local disability and personal injury cases. Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Law. Over 20 years experience handling Social Security Disability Claims. Free Consultations- All new cases caller personally speaks with an attorney. Fee contingent upon recovery. No out of pocket expenses.

A little history. LeRoy McCall, affectionately known as "Mr. Mac" was my grandfather born in Sabine Pass, Texas in 1892. He spent the first 40 years of his life as a farm worker, cowpuncher, blacksmith, justice of the peace, longshoreman, assistant postmaster, traveling salesman, and other occupations as the opportunity or necessity arose. He earned his law degree in 1932 and practiced another forty years as a country lawyer, handling cases as different as a $20 traffic ticket to a million-dollar lawsuit over oil rights. He had faith in the judicial system although he recognized its faults he believed in this system of justice. One of his many quotes, "Like many other country boys who had worked hard I believed practicing law was a better and easier way to make a living. No greater mistake was ever made." He remembered his early life in the Beaumont area through his law cases both successful and unsuccessful. The joys and hardships of settlers in Texas through the eyes of a man who remembered the turn of the century and saw his part of the country progress from wooden-wheeled wagons to men blasting through space in a spacecraft and setting the first foot on the moon. In 1961, LeRoy McCall and his son LeRoy "Tommy" McCall Jr. formed McCall & McCall Attorneys at Law, PLLC. Travis McCall was admitted to the Bar and began practicing in 1992.


3rd Generation Local Trial Lawyers